Therapeutic and relaxation massage: What’s the difference?
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There are actually two kinds of massage: therapeutic massage and relaxation massage. Both types offer benefits, and both are effective, but they have a very different purpose.

What is the difference?

Typically, you’ll find relaxation massage at a spa, either as a service on its own or as part of a “spa day” package that includes other services such as paraffin treatments, manicures or facials. The massage will be pleasurable and relaxing, but don’t expect detailed discussion of your health needs. Also, the people providing massages at a spa may not be qualified to assist with health needs and goals.

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If you have particular health needs, therapeutic massage is likely more suitable. Often, health care professionals recommend it for injuries and pain, or after a competitive sports event or intense workout. This therapy is performed by registered massage therapists (RMTs), and treatment often takes place in a clinic setting. It may also be combined with physiotherapy or chiropractic care if that is appropriate for your needs. 

Therapeutic massage treats pain and many other health needs, including:

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What can you expect at a therapeutic massage session?

Your massage therapist will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your health needs and discuss your goals. He or she will perform treatment in a private room, and may provide exercises that you can continue at home. Your therapist will also set up a schedule for future appointments, depending on your needs. (You may need weekly or bi-weekly appointments in order to effectively treat the problem.)

Don’t be shy – ask questions and speak up to let your therapist know how you’re feeling or where to apply more pressure. This will help ensure that your treatment is effective.

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