Stress — what is it? And 6 ways to manage it
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Are you stressed?

For a lot of us, stress comes in waves. We tend to get bombarded with work, school, home, finances and family — all at once! We generally plow through it and continue with our everyday duties. But it’s important to recognize the signals of stress, as cumulative stress can cause strain in relationships and workplaces and can be extremely harmful to your health.

It’s hard not to get stressed in this world. My kids know when I’m stressed because I start to take it out on them. I then realize I need to take it easy, slow down and relax. They often ask if I slept badly the night before. Coping with stress is difficult without sleep.

It takes awareness and sometimes discipline to recognize the signs of stress as well as manage it.

What does stress look like?

  • Mood changes
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach pains
  • Sleep disturbances

How can you manage stress?

Sleep is key. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body and brain don’t get the chance to RELAX, REJUVENATE and RECHARGE. Remember the 3 R’s. You cannot function properly without sleep.

MHN-SS-mobil-health-network-stress-management Exercise
The endorphins released when you exercise can help make you feel happy and, more important, you can reduce stress, angst or frustrations by pounding them out with a run or a session of lifting weights.


Take time to have peaceful moments, when you don’t think about anything else going on in your life. Just breathe. Yoga reminds us to connect with our bodies, and it can help to stretch out any tension or pressure you might have.


It’s not a joke when people say they NEED a massage. Most of the time, it’s not because of muscle pain — it’s because of stress. They need to relax, and massage therapy can help them (and you!) do just that.

Family fun

Forget all the chores and work on your to-do list and do something fun with your family or friends. My go-to action? Movie night with my kids! Nothing beats popping popcorn and snuggling around the TV for a great movie to help forget about the stresses of the day. It’s amazing how people around you can boost you up.


It may sound unlikely and it might feel forced at first, but if you can learn to smile and think more positively about situations, you’ll actually start to feel better — and you can then be smiling for real.


MHN-SS-mobile-health-network-stress management

As we learn to manage stress, we can better cope with the busy world around us and live happier, healthier lives. Not only will our health improve, but our relationships with co-workers and family members will also benefit.

Can you share your favourite stress-busting tips?


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