Is physiotherapy right for you?
MHN-sport injury physiotherapy

Physiotherapists use a wide range of techniques to help people improve or regain their mobility. They personalize treatment to each individual’s needs.

According to the Ontario Physiotherapy Association, physiotherapy is effective in the treatment and management of arthritis, diabetes, spinal cord injury, stroke and traumatic brain injury, and respiratory conditions, helping people maintain “an optimum level of function and pain free living.”

Physiotherapy is a non-invasive, hands-on approach that offers many health benefits to people of all ages:

MHN physiotherapy

  • Promotes healing after surgery or injury, and helps prevent re-injury

  • Treats and reduces pain 

  • Improves joint mobility 

  • Decreases muscle tightness 

  • Effective treatment for tendonitis, strains, sprains, back pain, neck pain, headaches and foot pain

  • Helps people regain normal function and return to daily tasks and work 

  • Decreases stress and increases relaxation, and helps improve sleep

  • Increases strength, endurance and stamina 

  • Helps athletes prepare for competition and recover post-competition 

  • Helps reduce swelling and improve lymphatic drainage 

  • Helps prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer

  • Provides assistance with bracing and supports 

  • Assesses and improves ergonomics in workplaces

 MHN-physiotherapy exercisesAlso called “physical therapy,” physiotherapy is a health care practice that helps people regain or improve their mobility and physical function. Physiotherapy also helps prevent disease and injury, and helps people manage ongoing health conditions.

Is physiotherapy right for you?
Ask below and MHN’s registered physiotherapist will provide an answer! 

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