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Erik Seedhouse, PHD

TriathlonPro Coach and Exercise Physiologist

As a professional triathlete, Erik became an Ultra Triathlon specialist and World Champion. He is part of that rare breed of athletes who possess a singular focus to test the limits of human performance on some of the most gruelling racecourses in the world. Also an exercise physiologist and a coach, Erik shares his passion by training other athletes in a variety of endurance sports. Learn how he motivates and inspires the athletes he coaches.

Erik Seedhouse combines years of training and racing experience with an extensive education in sports medicine. An exercise physiologist, he oversees sport performance testing and assessment, conditioning and coaching with Mobile Health Network. He loves using a science-based approach to help athletes improve performance, and he’s also a triathlon and multi-sport coach.

Erik holds a master’s degree in sports and exercise science and a Ph.D in physiology from the University of Sheffield, and he taught kinesiology at Simon Fraser University for several years. An NCCP-educated coach, he’s performed body composition tests, maximal oxygen uptake tests and other performance assessments, and he uses the results to help athletes train to reach their potential.

An accomplished ultra-distance triathlete, Erik has won the World Endurance Triathlon Championships, World Double Ironman Championships, Decatriathlon (a 10-times Ironman race) and many other events.