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The Inspire video series features several amazing Canadian athletes from different sports and backgrounds, and of different ages and genders.

Our team at Mobile Health Network (MHN) has the privilege of working with these inspiring individuals, and we want to share their stories. We think you’ll be amazed by what they do each day in their quest to be the best they can be, and by their love for sport and how they inspire others.

Most people are aware that elite athletes focus a lot of their time on training, eating right, and getting proper rest and recovery. Injury treatment and prevention is also a big part of a top athlete’s training plan, and it’s important to have a trusted team of health and rehabilitation professionals to rely upon. High-performance athletes such as Olympian Kyle Jones get regular “tune-ups” from their rehab team – much like the way Formula One drivers have a pit crew.

We’re proud to support Kyle and other athletes as they pursue and achieve their goals. We hope the Inspire series will motivate others to dream and pursue more in all aspects of their lives, whether in sport, health, or a chosen career path.

Featured Athletes in the Inspire Series

Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete and Canadian Olympian

Kyle has been a member of Canada’s National Triathlon Team since 2006. He won the Canadian Junior title in 2003 which sparked a move to Victoria, BC to train at the National Training Centre. He made his ITU World Cup debut in 2005. Kyle has narrowly missed the podium at two Pan American Games with 4th place finishes in 2007 (Rio de Janeiro) and 2011 (Guadalajara). In 2008 Kyle was selected as the alternate for the Canadian Olympic Team. In 2012 he won his first Canadian Senior title, his first ITU World Cup title, and represented Canada at the Olympic Games in London.


Elite Hockey Player

Megan is a 13-year-old girl who instantly fell in love with the game of hockey when she started playing at the age of five. She works hard each day toward achieving her goals of one day earning a scholarship to an NCAA university and playing in the Olympics for Team Canada. She believes that if you want something, you have to get out there and take it, because it’s not going to be given to you.

Karsten Madsen

Professional XTERRA Triathlete

Karsten competed in his first triathlon at the tender age of four, and ever since, his passion and love for the sport have only deepened. Karsten turned professional in 2011 at the age of 19, and he competes on the XTERRA (off road) triathlon circuit. Follow Karsten as he shares his inspiration for multi-sport training in his quest to become one of Canada’s best triathletes and a top contender on the XTERRA world stage.


Elite Basketball Player

Lauren is a 14-year-old elite basketball player who started out playing on a boys’ team until an older girls’ team called her up. She’s learning that to reach her dreams of earning an NCAA scholarship and making the Canadian Olympic team, she’ll have to make many sacrifices on the journey to reaching her ultimate goal.

Erik Seedhouse, PhD

TriathlonPro Coach and Exercise Physiologist

As a professional triathlete, Erik became an Ultra Triathlon specialist and World Champion. He is part of that rare breed of athletes who possess a singular focus to test the limits of human performance on some of the most gruelling racecourses in the world. Also an exercise physiologist and a coach, Erik shares his passion by training other athletes in a variety of endurance sports. Learn how he motivates and inspires the athletes he coaches.

Ben White

Ironman Triathlete

This is Ben. Several years ago, Ben was a thirtysomething professional who had “let himself go.” He had been a serious athlete in his younger days and played a number of sports. Post-university, work and life got busy, those active days began slipping away, and suddenly Ben found himself overweight and out of shape. One day, while watching television, Ben found himself inspired by an Ironman competition. Through determination, hard work and the support of a dedicated team, he started training again and reached his goal of completing an Ironman race. He hopes his story will inspire others like him to follow a similar path back to health and fitness.