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Dr. Ryan Laughlin on chiropractic care

Ryan Laughlin, MHN’s doctor of chiropractic, helps people improve or regain mobility so they can enjoy life to its fullest. He specializes in musculoskeletal issues related to sports injuries, workplace injuries, repetitive strains and sprains, acute trauma, motor vehicle accidents and falls. Dr. Laughlin uses a variety of approaches, including hands-on manual therapy techniques (adjustments, […]

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Your first visit to the chiropractor

You aren’t sure what to expect. Your first visit to the chiropractor may feel intimidating. Perhaps you’re nervous because well-meaning friends have questioned the safety of chiropractic care and its use of spinal manipulations. In reality, the profession is more complex and nuanced than most people realize. Spinal adjustment is only one of the safe […]

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When should you see a chiropractor?

Chiropractors treat much more than just back problems. They can treat problems relating to the joints or nervous system and many other health issues. Instead of medicine, chiropractic techniques include manual therapy, exercise, adjustments, Active Release Techniques®, stretching and other approaches. A chiropractor can help you regain or improve your mobility so you can live […]

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