Kyle Jones - Road to Rio. Follow Kyle Jones and MHN in this compelling video series as it explores what it takes for a Canadian triathlete to train and compete at the highest levels on the world stage.

Reboot your health with our lifestyle programs, and in just eight weeks
you’ll be on the path to optimal health
and wellness!

Active8 Optimal Health
Has your doctor told you to eat better and exercise more? Do you want to improve your health habits and be more active? Want to lose weight or fit into your favourite stylish clothes and swimsuit? Our eight-week, medically approved program helps you take charge of your lifestyle and have fun at the same time. We motivate you towards positive changes to your diet and personal fitness.
Active8 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is one of society’s fastest-growing diseases. Healthy lifestyle choices can prevent, delay or successfully treat type 2 diabetes. Active8 provides a medically guided program towards optimal wellness for anyone diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or at risk for developing this lifestyle disease.
Active8 Cancer Recovery
Providing individualized care and rehabilitation to survivors and their families, our caring team offers both personal and professional experience in dealing with cancer, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. You’ll experience the compassion and expertise of a personal coach and have access to our nutrition, rehab and fitness team as you transition from illness to wellness.
Active8 Heart Health
Small changes to lifestyle habits can help prevent or reverse heart disease. We address risks associated with smoking, stress, physical inactivity, excess weight, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes. Reboot your heart-healthy habits! Learn how to prepare healthy meals and benefit from expert nutritional advice as you enjoy the challenge of weekly workouts.
Active8 Women’s Health
Learn about nutrition and supplementation, physical activity and other important aspects of health as you age, to help prevent or deal with serious health problems. Lower your risk, improve your health and make changes towards a better lifestyle. This program features weekly workouts, healthy eating sessions with a registered dietitian, and motivation for developing positive lifestyle changes.
Active8 Kids
Childhood obesity, a medical condition, is a growing epidemic. With Active8, children play games to challenge their physical abilities and build endurance, strength, speed and agility, and they’ll learn about tasty good food for their growing bodies. Whether for improvement in sports, fighting obesity or preventing diabetes, kids gain confidence and strength as they discover how to eat healthy and become physically active.
The Learning Breakthrough Program™
Did you know that up to 40% of children in the average primary school classroom struggle with learning difficulties associated with reading and writing? A combination of neurophysiotherapy and specialized education helps children with learning disabilities and balance or coordination problems to improve attention and learning and achieve success.
Active8 Pre/Post-Natal
Active8 helps expectant and new moms meet the demands of pregnancy and motherhood. At all stages, we address women’s health concerns related to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. This program offers weekly personal training, health tips, interactive nutritional consults, emotional support and counselling. MHN is your resource centre for pre- and postnatal health.
Active8 Life Balance
Workplace Health and Wellness – Health care at work™
It’s good business sense to invest in your employees. Simply put, healthier employees work harder and are more satisfied. By teaching individuals to manage stress and find balance in all areas of life, our workplace wellness programs help boost your bottom line, and improve the overall health of the body, mind and spirit.

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