10 ways to prevent common running injuries

Canadians like to get outside and get moving at any time of year.

But, before you lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement, here are a few quick tips to prevent common running injuries:

1. Plan your program
Increase your mileage or training gradually (no more than 10% per week). Overdoing it can contribute to injuries such as tendonitis, runner’s knee and foot pain.

2. Wear appropriate footwear
When you stand, your arches should feel supported. You may need additional support from orthotics if your shoes are not providing enough support.


3. Warm up
You can warm up by walking a little before stretching and running or playing your sport. Warm muscles and stretching are known to prevent injury.

4. Run on softer surfaces
Run on terrain such as trails or grass, to avoid overuse injuries caused by running on hard, non-shock-absorbing surfaces, downhill running and poor running style.

5. Watch for warning signs.
Pain, swelling, and limping are signs of injury. Immediate treatment with rest, ice, compression and elevation may provide relief. See a medical health professional to address any ongoing issues.

6. Rest
If injured or fatigued, take a couple of days off. With early treatment and proper care, most running injuries will heal themselves within a week.


7. Maintain a balanced diet for optimal health
Check out Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating and consult a registered dietitian for trustworthy nutrition advice.

8. Avoid dehydration
Drink at least eight glasses of water per day and stay well hydrated during your training runs.

9. Be patient and take adequate breaks from training
Over-training can lead to overuse injuries.

10. Start right
Join a walking group or keep pace with a running group. Find one that suits your experience level or goals — for example, you can join a group to train for a 5K race.

We’ve got active running groups, info on training and races, and lots of programs that we’ll be sharing right here along with conversations for all levels of striders.

Do you have any running tips to share below?

0 Comments Posted Mar 13, 2013

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